About SPMG


Dr. Frank C. Pratt founded Pratt Medical Center in 1937 with the belief that patients were best served by physicians working together in a formally organized group practice. Today, as Sentara Pratt Medical Group, our physicians continue to be guided by Dr. Pratt’s wisdom in their work to advance the Sentara mission: We improve health every day.

Sentara Pratt Medical Group is committed to providing patients access to quality, patient-focusedmedical care and raising the standard of healthcare in the greater Fredericksburg region. Our primary care physicians work closely with our comprehensive network of specialists and professional staff, all of whom are supported by state-of-the-art ancillary services.

Sentara Pratt Medical Group physicians are also committed to meeting the region’s growing healthcare needs while maintaining their status as healthcare leaders and innovators.


The origins of Sentara Pratt Medical Group date back to 1936 when five primary care physicians, each of whom were practicing independently in Fredericksburg, came together under the name Pratt Medical Center. The driving force behind what was then a bold new initiative was Dr. Frank Pratt who had the foresight to realize that his patients would be better served by a group practice than by physicians practicing alone.

Together, he believed, a group could provide access to more advanced diagnostic equipment, including laboratory and X-ray facilities and that patient care would be enhanced by the ability of the physicians to easily consult with each other.

In 1937, Dr. Pratt and his four colleagues renovated and opened their new practice in an old building that stood at the corner of Prince Edward and Lewis streets in downtown Fredericksburg. They named their new practice the Fredericksburg Medical Center.

In 1949 Dr. Pratt retired and it was during that same year that his colleagues honored him and his vision by changing the name of the organization to the Pratt Clinic.

During the 1950’s and 60’s, as the number of patients affiliated with Pratt continued to grow, more physicians and specialties were added to Pratt’s ranks. In 1967, facing continued growth and the need for new and larger facilities, Pratt moved to a new site at 1701 Fall Hill Avenue, and changed its name to Pratt Medical Center. Today Pratt is the oldest and largest multi-specialty group practice serving the area.

In 2015, Pratt Medical Center joined Sentara Healthcare, a nationally recognized, integrated healthcare organization. This natural partnership was built upon shared commitments to improve the health of the communities we serve and to transform care through quality and innovation.

Today, as Sentara Pratt Medical Group, our team of nearly 40 providers serve patients in multiple locations throughout the Fredericksburg region. Our specialties now include family practice,internal medicine, pediatrics, general and vascular surgery, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology,cardiology, gastroenterology, and nutritional counseling. The broad array of its specialties facilitates consultations, referral and second opinions for patients. Extensive laboratory, radiology and other ancillary testing is also available at Pratt facilities. Current services includemammograms, ultrasound, EKG, holter monitoring, stress tests, echocardiography, and fetal monitoring.

Sentara Pratt Medical Group physicians continue to take the lead in providing access to quality medical care through their commitment to improve health every day. Our team has expanded the use of state-of-the-art medical technology, and added nurse practitioners and physician assistants to its professional staff to further enhance access to services.

Sentara Pratt Medical Group offers a CorpHealth department, which provides medical services to the region’s employers and their employees, including pre-placement physicals, laboratory screenings, wellness programs, and worker compensation management.

Sentara Pratt Medical Group is committed to growing with the community to provide the highest quality healthcare services.

We know that you have a choice of healthcare providers, and we thank you for choosing Sentara Pratt Medical Group to serve you and your family!